Wishlist #1

I recently decided to create a wishlist to go up every now and then on weekends. Being a poor uni student means it’s hard to constantly show you what I’m loving, so this is a great way to keep you updated!

Styling Band Merch

Band merch has become a huge trend lately, which has inspired me to revive some of my older pieces and style some newer pieces. Find out the different ways I do so here!

My Vegan Skincare Routine

My skincare changes a lot, but after a long time of changing up my products, I’ve finally found something that works for me. Here I talk to you about how to reduce skin texture, increase hydration and remove spots.

Vegan Pancake Recipe

Pancake day may have already been and gone but that doesn’t make it too late to whip up a batch of these super tempting vegan pancakes, which are really quick and easy to make!

February Slays and Nays

Check out my latest slays and nays of February, showing you what products I’ve been loving as well as what was a little disappointing in February.

RCMA No Colour Powder First Impressions

RCMA No Color Loose Powder – $12/Β£10 Vegan? Yes Click here to follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep updated with my posts! I’ve been using my KIKO Milano Translucent Loose powder for around a year now and recently I’ve realised it just doesn’t cut it. It gives me god damn awful flash back and it’s…

Pore Blurring Primers: NYX vs The Body Shop

I put two pore blurring primers to the test to help you decide where you should be putting your money. Click the full post to see how these cruelty free primers measure up against each other

My Current Haircare Routine

My haircare is something that changes really often as I try find the perfect combo, and finally I’ve found something that works for me to get my hair healthy and shiny. Check out my cruelty free favourites here!

A Vegan Tesco Order

Living at uni is hard when all you have is a tiny sainsburys and tesco express nearby and nothing else, and it’s even harder when you’re transitioning to be vegan and don’t just want vegetables everyday for every meal. That’s why I decided to do a little online order with Tesco who have no minimum…

Mystery Blogger Award

Surprise, surprise everyone, I’m posting on a weekend! Crazy right? What’s even more crazy is that I was nominated by Rosie Walsh for The Mystery Blogger Award which is a super lovely little award to be nominated for, especially when I’m still finding my feet with blogging! I recommend you all check out her blog…

January Slays and Nays

Here’s a quick post on what worked and what didn’t work in January, from beauty to TV shows